Severin ® Agricultural Holding - grow with us!

More than 15 years of successful work!

As part of the Agricultural Holding::

  • Agricultural cooperative – consisting of 32 agricultural producers

  • Production of fruit and ornamental plants, roses, clematis of plants with a closed root system

  • Franchise network of garden centers "Severin" ® - 22 garden centers in Russia are actively operating in the network

  • Landscape design studio

  • Unique project "Family Eco-Garden"

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We are ready to conclude export contracts for the supply of our plants to the following countries:

  • Armenia 

  • Kazakhstan 

  • Belarus 

  • Kyrgyzstan

We are ready to cooperate and will consider counter proposals:

  • Uzbekistan

  • Tajikistan 

  • Turkmenistan 

  • Azerbaijan 

  • Moldova

We invite farmers for the establishment of intensive orchards and berry plantations, sweat companies for the sale of planting material, garden centers and all those interested in cooperation to cooperate in the supply of planting material.

On our website there is a very rich assortment of planting material, both of our own production and of our commercial partners. We invite you to familiarize yourself with it.

Prices on the website are retail. Wholesale price list for export deliveries is sent upon request 

The franchise network of Severin garden centers is actively developing, ® and we are ready to offer potential partners cooperation under our franchise. 

We train, accompany, share 15 years of experience in green business and help to create successful and profitable garden centers, both in Russia and abroad.

For 4 years, 22 garden centers have been opened under our franchise in 12 regions of the Russian Federation.

We invite you to join our successful team!

If you have any questions about cooperation, you can call the following phone number:+7 919 070 70 33

Or leave a request  

I will be happy to call you for a personal acquaintance and answer all your questions

With respect to you and your business,
Developer and project manager Irina Ulyanova,
Honored Entrepreneur of the Russian Federation

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